Thursday, January 26, 2012

Waste Not's Wine Down!

 Sometimes you just have to Wine Down!   Forget about what's for dinner and order out! Since I'm doing that this evening, here is what I'm drinking... I guarantee you none of it will go to waste.

 I'm drinking a Malbec from Argentina. A Susana Balbo Signature 2009.  It is absolutely delicious! Smooth, smoky, mocha like, with black cherry and a super smooth finish.  It is so delightful, I know for a fact all that will be left is the bottle and cork.  You know Wastenotwhynot's motto right?  Use what you have...

So what to do with the empty bottle and cork?
  Here's a few ideas;

 Here's a clever way one blogger upcycled her wine bottle, 
the tutorial can be found here.

How about a cork board kit?  Make a nifty trivet!

See you in the kitchen soon! Remember to use what you have and try not to waste.


P.S. Has anyone tried this Malbec?  Your thoughts?  From one  oenophile to another.

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