Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mini Creamer Italian Soda!

I'm thirsty!  I'm also lactose intolerant.  So, those yummy milky, creamy drinks are out of the question! Trust me, it's a bummer for me.... But I won't lose hope.  I will try to use what I have. Soooo.....
What do I have in my fridge today?  Seltzer Water, Three International Delight French Vanilla Creamers and Marachino Cherries.

Fill a 12 oz glass with crushed ice, put in your creamers, (any flavor would work, the possibilities are endless!) stir, and add a cherry!  Voila.  Italian Cream soda... from what I have in my cupboards!


Use what you have and enjoy the possibilities!


  1. I'm trying this this weekend for a non alcoholic beverage. Sounds yummy!!!

  2. Thanks! I would think that choco chip mint would taste good with a little whipped cream and drizzled chocolate syrup.


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